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Friend Party exists simply because we love animation and we love comedy. We even love the more serious stuff too sometimes. We’re animators and writers, developing several high quality TV show concepts, while also helping artists and a range of companies and clients bring their visions to life.

Need an animated music video? We’ve got you. Want an engaging cartoon to advertise your brand or product? That’s what we do. Collaboration? Yes, please.


Whatever you need, give us a shout and we’ll see how we can help.

young adam.png
old adam.png
Creative Director.png

Tall, strong and chiselled, Adam is not. But what he lacks in muscles and height, he also lacks in knowing when to stop working and go to sleep. When not drinking his daily gallon of tea and working until his fingers bleed, Adam’s days are spent in his homemade sauna (a bin bag and a space heater), exercising (not exercising) and skateboarding (falling over a lot).


Adam worked in television production for ten years before sacrificing his social life to become an animator. 

young Paul.png
Old Paul.png
Head of Story.png

A fetid malcontent twisted at the seams, Paul runs on all fours when it rains and never, ever listens through his left ear. Not because he can’t, but because he doesn’t want to. In the last year, Paul has changed barbers after they told him his hair was thinning, started a rumour that he was going around starting rumours, and counted all his blinks. 


A professional copywriter until finally making it as an ankle model, Paul now spends his time locked in a rusty cage with nothing but pen and paper. We opened the door and tried to shoo him out, but he just won’t leave. Or stop hissing at us.

young jammo 2.png
Old Jammo.png
Art Director.png

When James was but a wee boy, he knew he wanted to be an animator. Not just because Jessica Rabbit made him feel all zingy in his thingy, but because cartoons let him create worlds where anything is possible. Rarely will you find James not drawing outlandish characters, but be warned, if there is no paper in the room, he will draw on you to get his fix.


Having picked up awards and been nominated for others, James has turned his childhood dreams of becoming a professional animator into reality. So if turning dreams into reality is what you’re here for, consider this your invitation to the party.

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